12 Steps to More Leads, Customers, and Growth from Pay-per-Click Marketing

We do a variety of different types of marketing, ranging from pay per click, which is what we’re going to talk about today to search engine, optimization reputation, marketing which is critically important. These days, some social media marketing website development and more for about 20 years prior to starting the marketing agency. I was the founder and CEO of a multimillion-dollar educational franchise concept here in the area and I also hold an MBA degree in business. So I’ve got a barely broad background and a good understanding of what’s involved in running a successful business. So I’m looking forward to sharing some of that information with you here today.

If, by chance, you want to reach out to us with any questions that you may have after the presentation, you can see our contact information here on the screen with our phone number as well as our website address. I should note that this is actually a special website address for the content of this presentation, which is pay-per-click so on this website. Ppc grow smart marketing com. You can learn all about pay-per-click marketing in general, as well as our services for these kinds of campaigns. So if you’d like to see our normal website with the rest of our services, you just drop off the PPC part and just go to grow smart marketing com to see everything else that we have to offer alright.

So before we get started today, I want to talk to you for just a second about why this is important to you as a business owner, and I’m really here to share with you that the game of marketing for small businesses has just changed across the board. There’S been an incredible advance of Technology, much of which you probably already know about, but many other things that have now been kind of changing and evolving, even in the last six to twelve months. That very few small business owners seem to know about yet. But that has the potential to put you at an extreme disadvantage to those who do know about it.

So there’s a lot of business owners out. There have already picked up on some of these changes and they’re now, using and implementing these methods that are beginning to really dominate their competition in the marketplace. So these owners are paying their experts, whether that’s in-house or outsourced, to get up to speed on what’s happening so that they can position themselves and their business above you. So there’s a very profound and fundamental shift taking place right now. That’S completely shifting the balance of power to those who have this information and are using it, and if you come up against a local competitor who’s already taking advantage of some of these strategies, there’s a good likelihood that you’re at risk of losing your business within a relatively short period of time, you know they say that the only constant in life is change.

Well, there are some serious changes taking place right now in small business marketing, there’s new techniques and new strategies available that can either level the playing field for you or give you an unfair advantage over your competition, but the business owners who fail to recognize the changes And take advantage of them now or all in all likelihood going to be gone tomorrow. It’S just the way the business world works and I’ve seen this happen myself across many different business is now so.

This is a big part of the reason why I’m here, talking to you today after having been in the race for so many years myself, having watched, countless others wiped out along the way I’ve made it my personal mission to help give other small business owners the Tools and strategies that you can use to not just survive but to dominate in your marketplace, and so the information I want to share with you today. Here is just one of several strategies that we’re now employing with our clients: that’s giving them a huge advantage over the competition. So I hope that you will grasp the significance of these changes and begin to take some kind of action. Now, in your own business, that’s going to help really ensure your future for both yourself and your family. So without further ado, let’s jump into today’s information, okay, so on the agenda today, what we’re going to cover is first, what pay per click is, and I know for a lot of you. Pay per click is new, so we’ll do a brief overview.

There then we’re going to cover the 12 steps for the effective use of pay-per-click for your business and then a handful of the must know, tips and strategies on a bit more. The advance side for those of you who are already doing pay per click and are looking for ways just to take it to the next level, so Act, one here. What is pay per click or PPC, as it’s commonly referred to?

I’M going to use the term PPC, but I didn’t want to start out with jargon when I say pay per click fast enough and you don’t know what I’m talking about. They think paper, as in the kind of paper that you write on and it gets confusing to people, so PPC is pay per click all right. So let’s talk about what PPC is its search advertising.

So what exactly? Does that mean? Well, there are all different kinds of forms of advertising, obviously, search advertising in particulars advertising on the search engines. Targeting people who are searching for a specific item are a specific term in those search engines. So here you can see Google AdWords, which is by far and away the 800-pound gorilla in this space.

Then you have yahoo and bing, which combined a handful years ago in an effort to give google a run for their money they’re in a distant second place, but still a strong contender in our experiencing some decent growth here lately. Actually, but i’m sure most of you are prior are very familiar, i would imagine with google search engine in particular, although some people i do find still a lot prefer to use by Yahoo or Bing for their search engines regardless in any one of the search engines. You have a search box where you type in a phrase of something that you’re looking for and then, when you do, you get a result, page listing in the search engines. So this is a google search result for something totally random here. This is, i think, its new york city, volvo repair, so you can see that the results come in two columns, you get a left column and a right column.

I’M sure most of you have seen this. You know what i’m showing you here, but if you look closely all of the right column, results are ads and in this case the tops, the top two or three here across the top, as well in the main column, are also adds. So this is search advertising or PPC advertising, that’s being done by these businesses that are targeting the phrase new york city, volvo repair or maybe just New York. Volvo repair – or some of these might only be advertising for volvo repair depending on what campaign they created for their business. So we’re going to talk about some of those details in a little bit, but this is search advertising or PPC advertising, all right, so really anytime.

You’Re searching for something in one of the search engines. Typically, if you just look towards the very top and towards the right on just about any of the search engines, you’re going to see these PPC ads within the search results, so this is a multi-billion dollar industry. That’S billion with a be this has been kind of the engine of growth and of massive riches for Google and the other search engines to this is what has allowed them to become one of the most influential biz.

This is bar none over the last decade or so on this little chart here you can see that about ninety percent of Google’s 65 billion in total annual revenues came from advertising. So this is a massive massive opportunity for these search engines to really cash in create a cash cow in the form of PPC advertising, as I mentioned earlier. Of course, bing and yahoo have joined forces they now on about thirty percent of the market. This has just become such a big and lucrative business, and it touches so many businesses in so many ways that you’ve got a whole little cottage industry of additional businesses that have sprouted up just to study.

Excuse me to study and see what’s going on in this PPC marketplace, you know where the money is being spent, how effective it is all that good stuff. What you can’t see here is that, in terms of the total search here, google is about sixty seven percent of the market. So if you combine Yahoo and Bing, which is Microsoft together, they’re about thirty percent little over thirty percent – maybe not even quite there, because there’s a few other little smaller players as well. So it’s a very, very big industry. It’S very lucrative industry is very powerful for these search engines and also for the businesses and advertisers that know how to take advantage of the PPC advertising. You can see here on the top 10 industries. Advertising on Google AdWords AdWords is the name of Google’s PPC advertising. Oops, I think I’ve gone one slide too many here. Let me back up there we go the top 10 industries are financed, travel shopping, jobs and education, internet and telecom computers and electronics, business and industrial, which is a really broad category, homing garden autos